Ch Deja Vu In Like Flynn CD PT HOF ROMPX

Ch Deja Vu In Like Flynn CD PT HOF ROMPX
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this is one of my favorite pictures of Udo

this is one of my favorite pictures of Udo
Udo group 1 judge E Sullivan

Specialty Best In Show shown by friend Pat Murray

Specialty Best In Show shown by friend Pat Murray
Udo- winning his first specialty @ 2 years old shortly after being returned to me

Saturday, July 25, 2009


There are lots of disappointments in life and since dogs is a microcosm of life, it is so in dogs as well. Heartbreaks come and go but by far my most profound was losing Ch Deja Vu Purple People Eater. Losing Violet was not the kind of sickening sadness when you lose a much loved one which is expected, like losing Flynn which I still can barely speak about or losing Clover which was like losing my own daughter or right arm. Losing Violet was pure tragedy because of the circumstances. She was 7 years old, in her prime, had 12 week old puppies and died.
I am proud to say that the vast majority of the dogs I have bred live to ripe old age. Many have lived to 12 and 13, Flynn was almost 14, Tosha was 13 1/2, Cryin Out Loud was 16, both Tinsel and Clover were over 11.
One day I realized there was something not right about how she climbed the stairs to bed. She had not been eating well, but with weaning puppies and all the complexities of having just had then weaned a litter it is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees.
I took her to the vet on a Thursday somehow deep down knowing there was something gravely wrong. I drove home from the vet and called Regina. Out of my mouth came words I still can hear, "I don't think Violet is going to live through this".
Blood tests revealed kidney failure and complete system failure with no explanation. Massive infection. A weekend of desperate attempts to save her with fluids and meds didn't touch her decline. I put her down on Sunday purely out of mercy. That morning she laid in the dining room moaning in pain.
We did a necropsy. Tissue samples sent to all sorts of places-labs and vet schools. Nothing. The closest to a conclusion was a source of infection in the uterus. Conjecture was a body overcome by infection causing systemic shut down. I was numb in disbelief and sorrow.
Violet was a dog who could have been described as just plain good. She never had a bad day, viewed the glass of the world as half full and greeted all situations with optimism, co-operation and cheerfulness. Violet never met a stranger. All cats, birds and especially squirrels and chippies were on her life's list of goals to taste-literally.
They say only the good die young. It never was so true as it was about Violet.

Ch Deja Vu Purple People Eater ( Ch Deja Vu Instant Success x Ch Apropos Deja Vu Moon Unit PT) National Specialty winner, multiple Best In Shows, multiple specialty winner, dam of champions, group winners and winners at specialties.


  1. Terry, my heart is just breaking for you. This really is a gut wrenching loss. Your expression of your sorrow is so poignant - I wish I had the gift for words as you do, so I could tell you how sad I am for you, and how I wish that I could do something (anything) to help you to get through this painful time. Violet sounds like she was a great girl and I'm sure she made this world a better place. Hang in there.

  2. So sorry for your loss. We've been there.
    Violet sounds like a wonderful dog in so many ways. My dad always picks the best.

    Val Silver (Sonny Ambrosio's daughter)

  3. Just a little clairification about Violet. Thank you for your sympathy about the loss of her. It is a little over 2 years since she is gone. This blog being new to me and a very cathartic experience, has given me a forum to speak about some of the past and its affect on my dogs and my thinking.
    Violet was an important landmark dog in my life and my breeding program. She was not perfect of course, but the sum of her parts far outweighed her shortfalls. That coupled with the sunniest disposition I have had, other than Tinsel, made it a very hard loss that I still feel and contemplate.
    I am blessed with the legacy she left though her puppies. That a piece of her is still alive in them, means much.
    Violet was an extraordinary show dog. She broke a Best In Show record for bitches that had stood since 1979 (Ch Jennie D'el Pastre, her greatgreat granddam). She did not have an off day. She did everything right and asked for.
    None of that matters in the scope of the life and love of a dog.It is the person that dog is that causes the suffering of the loss. I still miss who she was inside and out.

  4. This is just so sad... regardless of the two years that have passed. I'm sure that the hole in your heart is just as large now as it was then. What a loving tribute to a wonderful companion, and important Briard.


Violet at 8 months specialty weekend